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Info organization of events

Associations, Agencies, Institutions interested in organizing events in the splendid scenery of Villa Griffone can count on:

  • Main Hall with a capacity of 100 seats, amplification system, video projector, wi-fi connection
  • rooms for reunions
  • spaces to set up a restoring service of buffets
  • park with several options of outdoor activities, depending on the season
  • wide parking lot

not to forget a guided visit and a bookshop service.

For rates, informations and booking:

051 846121 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Michael Pupinpupin

When Marconi grounded his transmitter and then grounded his receiver and let the spark go then the world had wireless telegraphy, and no one had ever done that before. If we must call our aerial waves by some name let us not call them Hertzian waves, but Marconi waves. They are his.

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