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The peaceful revolution in radiocommunications is one of the most extraordinary changes at the origin of contemporary society. Guglielmo Marconi was the initiator of that revolution and its main protagonist both in the late 1800's – in the pioneering phase – and in the phase of advanced development, until the eve of the second world war. Radio technologies had a gradual and complex development and much research was carried out beginning with the enunciation of Maxwell's famous theory and the fundamental experimental confirmation given by Hertz.

Guglielmo Marconi brought electromagnetic waves outside of the laboratory and sent radio messages (composed of dots and lines) at increasingly greater distances. During the course of his long career – of inventor and entrepreneur – he collaborated in the fundamental developments in the sector of radiocommunications, first and foremost with the invention of radio transmission and the success of radio broadcasting.

In the contemporary world the indispensable presence of the radio in all social and personal areas represents a challenge for the century that has just begun, in which information and communication technology play a fundamental role. This trajectory has served as a guide for the planning of the greater part of this section, which has the objective of giving an overview of the transmission of information through the use of electromagnetic waves, beginning with the evolution of a scientific knowledge that has become heritage of the past century, to the most recent developments of wireless technologies. This section offers technical-scientific contents, suggestions for an in-depth examination with an interdisciplinary prospective and work tools in the English language.

1. Onde elettromagnetiche: l’evoluzione della conoscenza

2. Maxwell – Hertz – Marconi: dalla congettura della propagazione elettromagnetica all’invenzione della radio

3. L’evoluzione degli apparati per la radiotrasmissione

4. Come si propagano le onde elettromagnetiche

5. Diffusione e collegamenti fissi: le due anime della comunicazione radio

6. Una rete di telecomunicazioni tra i continenti

7. Impatto ambientale e sanitario dei campi elettromagnetici

8. Proposte di percorsi interdisciplinari

9. A Selection of English Texts





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