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Transmission and Acquisition



  • Radio: audio signal from an emitting station to an indefinite number of receivers
  • TV: audio and video signal from an emitting station to an indefinite number of receivers
  • GPS: localization through the reception of signals coming from satellites orbiting around the Earth
  • Radio command: signal that activates a remote controlled device
  • Telemetry: control of a system functioning through remote measurement of some parameters


  • Cellular: telecommunication network that allows the exchange of information among mobile terminals within a specific area
  • Radio link: radio communication among fixed and usually visible points
  • Wi-Fi: interconnection of several devices within an area not wider than some hundreds of metres
  • Telepass: Italian brand name for an access control system based on interrogation and identification through radio frequency
  • Radio amateurs: from a transmitter to a receiver and vice versa
  • Wii: pointing system where signals are exchanged between a remote control handled by a user and a nearby console
  • Professional mobile radios: protected and confidential interconnection through coding


  • Radio telescope: detection of electromagnetic emissions coming from the Space
  • Radar: detection of the response given by an object to an emitted signal


(by Franco Fuschini)


Marshall McLuhanmcluhan

Print tore man out of his traditional cultural matrix while showing him how to pile individual upon individual into a massive agglomeration of national and industrial power, and the typographic trance of the West has endured until today, when the electronic media are at last demesmerizing us. The Gutenberg Galaxy is being eclipsed by the constellation of Marconi.


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