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Il pioniere del wireless

December 12th 2009
Cinema Lumière, Bologna

Guglielmo Marconi 1874-1937

National preview of the documentary film on Guglielmo Marconi’s life, inspired by Giorgio Comaschi's theatrical performance Quello della radio (The Radio Man).

Directed by: Enza Negroni
with Giorgio Comaschi
and Alessandro Pilloni
photography: Andrea Dalpian
filming: Andrea Dalpian, Stefano Muti
editing: Giusi Santoro
music: Riccardo Nanni, Giancarlo Di Maria

produced by POPCult
in cooperation with Emilia-Romagna Regional Authority, the Marconi Foundation and Bologna University

A Wireless Pioneer is a documentary on the life of one of the greatest inventors of our time: Guglielmo Marconi.
Giorgio Comaschi, narrator and eyewitness of an extraordinary existence, alternates between moments of joviality, romanticized anecdotes, reflections on the great bolognese inventor and accounts of Marconi's life, highlighting the importance of his discoveries, that today allow us to use mobile phones, remote controls, electronic toll collector and satellite technology.
Director Enza Negroni takes on a weaving of theatrical dramaturgy, cinematographic techniques and journalistic reportage, recreating a collective memory of Marconi's life and the places he frequented from his first discoveries and successes, to the moments of great suffering, his change in character and lifestyle, the international repercussions of his career, up until the final chapter.
Beyond the stage, the play transforms itself into a true movie script that adheres to the needs of cinematographic language utilizing photographs as well as visual and sound repertory of that time period.
The result is a portrait of a different and unknown Marconi, in many ways more human. Alongside the faults of common men, what transpires, however, is the ingeniousness of one of the greatest inventors of our era.












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