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Un Nobel senza fili

December 15th, 2009
Auditorium Biagi, Sala Borsa, Bologna

presentation of the volume

speakers: Gabriele Falciasecca, Barbara Valotti, Alessandro Zucchini
chairmanr: Fabio Raffaelli

The volume has been conceived and completed for the centenary of the Nobel Prize for Physics to Guglielmo Marconi, together with the exhibition "Guglielmo Marconi Nobel Prize Winner 1909-2009" that was inaugurated on Thursday December 10th in the Sala d'Ercole of Palazzo d'Accursio in Bologna.
The book contains a bilingual version of the two official speeches of the award ceremony (December 10th 1909) as the Nobel Lecture given by Marconi on the following day, both held in Stockholm. Additional references accompany these three documents and help contextualize the event. Five scientific contributions analyze the appearance and progressive popularity of wireless communications and its principal creator, Guglielmo Marconi. Twelve color plates illustrate some of the instruments employed by Marconi during the first years of his scientific and technical career. 
These essays are written by Gabriele Falciasecca, Anna Guagnini, Barbara Valotti, Giancarlo Dalle Donne and Massimo Temporelli.
The volume has been published by Bononia University Press.

The publication was promoted by Emilia-Romagna Regional Authority, Bologna City Hall, the Marconi Foundation, with the scientific contribution of the “Leonardo da Vinci” National Museum of Science and Technology, sponsored by Bologna Provincial Authority, Sasso Marconi Town Hall, Bologna University, Emilia-Romagna Educational Office, and with the subsidies of Telecom Italia, the Ministry for Arts and Culture – Regional Direction for arts and culture and landscape of Emilia-Romagna, the Monte Foundation, Bologna Chamber of Commerce for Industry, Trade and Agriculture.











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