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Commemorative Coins

Following the request of a coin commemorating the centenary of Marconi Nobel Prize for Physics on December 2009, the Technical and Artistic Commission of The Treasury (Italian Ministry of Finance and Economy) deliberated to issue a coin celebrating the event within the Europea- millesimo 2009 series.

The Italian Mint designed two type of coins:

  • The 10 Euro Silver Coin – 34mm diameter – 22g weight – issue limit 18.000
  • The 20 Euro Gold Coin – 21mm diameter – 6,451g weight – issue limit 5.000

Both coins feature on the obverse a portrait of Marconi with his famous yacht Elettra at his back, inspired by an original picture of his times, and on the reverse a radio receiver made in Italy in the first half of the Twenties (with the Europa Coin logo at the top).

On sale since May 20th 2009.
















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