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November 23rd, 2009

The Institute of Physics, London

Celebrating the centenary of the Nobel Prize to Marconi

In 1909 the Nobel Prize for Physics was awarded to Guglielmo Marconi for his pioneering experiments in wireless telegraphy, including a number of key milestones achieved in the UK. Marconi was not only a great scientist but also a successful entrepreneur, founding a company which was a major force in technological developments throughout the 20th century, and still exists today.
His breakthroughs in wireless communication triggered a revolution in the way we live our everyday lives. Long range communications, radio and TV broadcasting, GPS, telemedicine… so many of the technologies we take for granted today are the direct consequences of that faint signal sent from Cornwall and captured by a remote antenna in Newfoundland more than one hundred years ago.
This event celebrated the award of the Nobel Prize to a great Italian scientist, and his connections with the UK. It also provided an opportunity to review the practical impact of his discoveries, and to hear from scientists and engineers working on new frontiers in the field of wireless communications.
  • Marconi: a pioneer - Marconi and CNR
  • Marconi’s legacy: a view from industry
  • Technology at work: bringing science to industry
  • Current applications: Mobile communications -Telemedicine
  • New frontiers: Optoelectronics - Frontier Research

Posters about Marconi’s activity and documents from the Italian Navy’s archives.

Organised by the Italian Embassy in London, the Institute of Physics, UK, the Marconi Foundation, Italy, the Royal Academy of Engineering, UK, CNR (National Research Council), Italy, and sponsored by Ericsson.














David Sarnoffsarnoff

Marconi was the creator of the present day civilization of the radio. All of those who, with spirit of initiative and perseverance, have brought us to the present stage of development have built on the foundations laid by Marconi. Everyone considered him the tutelary genius of their work.


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