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Requalifyng Marconi Sites


The renovated Marconi Museum located in Villa Griffone (Marconi residence at the middle of the 19th century), has attracted an increasing number of visitors over the last few years. Its grounds host the Mausoleum that contains the scientist’s remains. Both buildings are a national monument and will surely attract many more visitors during the centenary celebrations.

Thursday December 10th, 2009
Opening of the monumental area of Villa Griffone and the Marconi Mausoleum to celebrate the completion of the restoration works and the Centenary of the Physics Nobel Prize award to Guglielmo Marconi.
From 11:00am: speeches by authorities, cutting of the ribbon, toast of good wishes.
Elettra Marconi Giovanelli, the Mayor of Sasso Marconi Stefano Mazzetti and sponsors of the renovation works were present.
Commemorative philatelic cancellation organised by the Philatelic Club “G. Marconi” from 9:30 to 12:30.

Architect Ferdinando Forlay’s idea of building an underground Auditorium in the area that stretches from behind Villa Griffone to the foot of the famous Celestini hill, which saw the birth of wireless telegraphy in the distant 1895, is now being seriously contemplated. It would have to be a strong and prestigious design capable of offering aesthetic solutions which will in no way detract from the architecture and landscape of the Marconi site. It must in no way disturb, It should perfectly integrate with the landscape and enhance it by offering new attractions. The idea has immediately aroused the interest of Sasso Marconi Town Hall which is strongly in need of a space where people can meet and communicate.

In the light of these considerations and on the occasion of the centenary celebrations, an international and public competition has been instituted to collect ideas for requalifying the Marconi sites. This competition, launched in the name of the scientist who revolutionized communication technology, should bring together the best energies and resources in the field of architecture and design of public spaces. This competition is aimed at improving the access to the Foundation’s cultural facilities through the design of an external underground structure for cultural events, and at integrating the Villa’s functionality to the museum space in order to create a new and more organic path for visitors.

Sasso Marconi Town Hall is committed to creating new services for tourists in the area of the Marconi Mausoleum situated at the foot of the Villa.








David Sarnoffsarnoff

Marconi was the creator of the present day civilization of the radio. All of those who, with spirit of initiative and perseverance, have brought us to the present stage of development have built on the foundations laid by Marconi. Everyone considered him the tutelary genius of their work.


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