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October 2nd-17th, 2010

BergamoScienza – VII edition

Ex Ateneo, Bergamo Alta
From Marconi to cartoons - AttivaMente on exhibit

«How did we end up inside the tv?» ask Phineas and Ferb, the two cute protagonists of the homonymous cartoon series broadcast on the Disney Channel. Led by Guglielmo Marconi, they undertake a temporal journey from the wireless telegraph to satellite television. An interactive voyage that allows one to understand, through simple experiments, how voices and images can transform themselves into electrical signals, transmitting and reassembling themselves inside the television set.

This exhibition has been conceived and sponsored by The Walt Disney Company Italia in collaboration with the Guglielmo Marconi Foundation and the technical support of ZonaUno.






















David Sarnoffsarnoff

Marconi was the creator of the present day civilization of the radio. All of those who, with spirit of initiative and perseverance, have brought us to the present stage of development have built on the foundations laid by Marconi. Everyone considered him the tutelary genius of their work.


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