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Of the many scientists, technicians and entrepreneurs who met Marconi some played an important role in his career. There were those who supported and favoured his work, but he also had rivals who opposed him fairly openly. Although not all of them were famous, each played a key role in Marconi's wireless telegraphy adventure.

It can be said that Marconi's project to connect the world succeeded, even where emotions and instinct usually get in the way. One could be neither with or against Marconi, it was easier to be both.


Paolo Fabbrifabbri

I'd like to say that we reread Marconi beginning with the future. Speaking of Mc Luhan, we reread the present in the past; speaking instead about real time of electronics, we reread the past beginning with the future. The correct interpretation is that the future, through the present, moves towards the past. This is a new concept for humanity.


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