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radiotelRadio Astronomy, which studies radio waves emitted by celestial objects, is the only field of research that can boast direct descent from the Bolognese inventor, through the person of Francesco Parescenotable astrophysicist and Guglielmo Marconi’s grandson.

It is indeed the exploration of the Universe that represents at the beginning of this new millennium, the last frontier of the Marconi Galaxy, the ultimate frontier, whose slow, partial but progressive discovery with radio waves produces a breathless sensation of astonishment and opens new and unusual perspectives on a future beyond our imagination. 


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Infosphere is the environment in which machines and equipments operate on information. It is both connected and opposed to biosphere, the environment in which human beings operate, being the only ones, besides their machines, capable of working on information.



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RFID-tagRadio frequency identification – RFID - is a technology mainly used in fields related to mobility (the most popular are SSR - Secondary Surveillance Radar - for air traffic control, and Telepass – Italian brand name for an electronic toll collection system used in motorways), but it seems to be spreading to further applications (whether as a remote control system or not), aimed at detecting and memorizing data on people, animals and objects.

Being more effective and secure, this technology is gradually substituting bar codes and magnetic stripes, and it is more and more used for passports, credit cards, travel or entrance tickets. It is believed that thanks to the RFID system, a truly electronic currency will be soon available. On the whole, terms such as “traceability”, which has recently entered into common language, refer to - and will ever more refer to – the technology of radio frequency identification. 


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The Internet - the Network of networks – born and developed on wires, is now largely available as a wireless network, thanks to its progressive development and the contemporary updating of some technologies, first of all WLAN and mobile telephony.

internet schema

General scheme of the Internet, where each small cloud represents a subnetwork and the big cloud represents the Internet itself, that is the combination of all subnetworks.


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Paolo Fabbrifabbri

I'd like to say that we reread Marconi beginning with the future. Speaking of Mc Luhan, we reread the present in the past; speaking instead about real time of electronics, we reread the past beginning with the future. The correct interpretation is that the future, through the present, moves towards the past. This is a new concept for humanity.


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