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From Telegraph to Satellite

February 11th-18th, 2009
National Museum of Musical Instruments, Rome


Images, exhibits, forums and sounds at the National Museum of Musical Instruments.

This exhibition, sponsored by the Town Hall of Rome Historic Centre and set up by the Marconi Foundation offered a series of information panels, photographs and exhibits which charted the development of scientific research from the first radio broadcasts to the most recent technologies.
The inauguration of the exhibition hosted illustrious guest speakers such as Elettra Marconi Giovanelli, On. Orlando Corsetti (Member of the Chamber of Deputies), Franco Zennaro, Barbara Valotti and Francesco Cremona. There followed a “Concert for saxophone Quartet” played by the Italian Navy Band with music by J.S Bach, G. Rossini/G. Di Bacco, A. Romero, G. Gershwin, B. Martino/ P. Destriere and N. Rota.
The exhibition closed with a forum dedicated to the figure of Marconi as entrepreneur, participants included: Gabriele Falciasecca, President of the Marconi Foundation, Roberto Reali of the National Counsel of Research, On. Claudio Mancini, in charge of Economic Development, Research, Innovation and Tourism.
At the end of the congress the trio Le Monde Ensemble played “Trio in Mi bemolle Magg. for pianoforte, violin and cello Op 1 n° 1” by Ludwig van Beethoven.




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