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Radio Man

March 26th-29th, 2009

Duse Theatre, Bologna

Marconi, a story of the man who changed the world

Script and Direction: Giorgio Comaschi
Actors: Giorgio Comaschi and Alessandro Pilloni

Set Designer: Matteo Soltanto
Lights Manager: Matteo Nanni
History and Science Consultants: Maurizio Bigazzi e Barbara Valotti

Produced by Procope Studio
Supported by the Monte di Bologna e Ravenna Foundation and the Emilia-Romagna regional authority

After his lucky debut in Australia and before moving to Canada for a new tour, Comaschi has presented in Italy his play-monologue which goes through the main steps of Marconi’s life and scientific career, using images and films of Marconi’s time.

The play tries to understand some of the human aspects of the scientist’s extraordinary adventure, and reflects in particular on Marconi’s relationship with his mother, Annie Jameson, and on his cultural and geographical background, Bologna’s province, which was the birthplace of the great radio telegraphy discovery.


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