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The Marconi Museum houses some rarities of the so-called pioneer era (late 1800's - early 1900's) of wireless telegraphy, as well as various models of industrial production of later date.

The uniqueness of the instruments on display is represented by a series of functioning replicas, realized over the years by Maurizio Bigazzi on the basis of accurate historical data and – when possible – utilizing materials and parts of the period.

Such wonders of top-notch craftsmanship, identical in aspect and consistency to the antique instruments (long-lost), also perfectly replicate the original mechanisms and thus the normal functioning of the time, allowing the reenactment of the first historical experiments of wireless telegraphy.


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Basili Collection

In November 2013 the Basili family from Altopascio (Lucca) donated to the Marconi Foundation a collection of antique radios – 64 pieces in total – belonging to Paolo Basili. Shortly before his death, Mr Basili had in fact expressed his intention of leaving to the Marconi Museum “the fruit of his lifelong passion”, as testified by his daughter Natàlia.

On 25 April 2014, on the yearly occasion of the Marconi day, the donation was made official by Gabriele Falciasecca and Natàlia Basili.






Bigazzi Family

In June of 2015 the Bigazzi Family, in memory of Maurizio, donated to Marconi Foundation a functioning replica with components of that time made by Maurizio Bigazzi himself.


A complex of spark transmitters for radiotelegraphy (Marconi system) used in the first experiments in Italy and in England in the 1896-1898s.












In the side menu the either complete or partial collections donated to the Marconi Museum by private citizens or institutions.






















Trumpy Fund (historical equipments)

In 2008 a donation from the Trumpy family (see Trumpy Fund) allowed the Marconi Museum to enrich its collection with some historical equipments, in particular a Marconifono Juvenis, a medium/long wave radio receiver and a radiotelegraphic station for demonstrations.








Paolo Fabbrifabbri

I'd like to say that we reread Marconi beginning with the future. Speaking of Mc Luhan, we reread the present in the past; speaking instead about real time of electronics, we reread the past beginning with the future. The correct interpretation is that the future, through the present, moves towards the past. This is a new concept for humanity.


Social Foundation





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