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September 20th, 2009
Medieval Civic Museum - Saint Filippo Neri Oratory, Bologna

Ten lectures for ten years in the 20th century, all ending in 9. 

All in a day and on a street, via Manzoni at Bologna, where the Medieval Civic Museum and the Saint Filippo Neri Oratory are located, one facing the other.

10am - 1909: birth of Bologna Football Club – by Italo Cucci
11am - 1959: announcement of Vatican Council II – by Alberto Melloni
11am - 1919: launching of the liner-laboratory Elettra - by Gabriele Falciasecca
12pm - 1929: Wall Street crisis – by Ferruccio De Bortoli
2 pm - 1949: the Pope condemning Communism – by Giuseppe Ruggieri
3 pm - 1939: outbreak of the Second World War – by Alberto De Bernardi
3 pm - 1979: Khomeini’s Islamic Revolution – by Filippo Andreatta
4 pm - 1999: death of Fabrizio De André - by Francesco Guccini and Stefano Pivato
5 pm - 1969: the “hot fall” - by Umberto Romagnoli
6 pm - 1989: fall of Berlin’s wall – by Romano Prodi

promoted by the Foundation for Religious Sciences

in cooperation with the Marconi Foundation, Bologna University, Bologna Football Club, Civic Museums of Ancient Art - Bologna City Hall, Corriere della Sera Foundation, Foundation for Peoples Cooperation, Johns Hopkins University, Primo Levi University, Radio Cape Town, Corriere of Bologna





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