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Thanks to the integration of historical equipment, hypertexts, film clips and interactive devices, visitors are offered the possibility of retracing the events that marked Guglielmo Marconi’s training and life. Special focus is given to the period spanning from 1895 (first experiments of wireless telegraphy) to 1901 (transmission of the first radio signals across the Atlantic Ocean).

The museum houses a series of accurate working replicas of 19th century scientific equipment displayed in various “exhibition islands” dedicated to some of the fundamental stages in the history of electricity, from the precursors of the history of the radio to naval applications of Marconi’s invention. In the area devoted to broadcasting, several instruments developed for the transmission of speech and music in the 20th century are shown. The exhibition also features some interesting documents concerning Guglielmo Marconi’s education (displayed in the famous "silkworm room"), as well as his career as a businessman in the company he established in 1897 and which still bears his name.

Among the many activities promoted by the museum, there is a scientific program addressed to schools that includes a workshop which offers educational experiments concerning the history of electricity, electromagnetism and telecommunications.

Villa Griffone, the place of origin of radio communications, awaits its visitors with the appeal of the legend as well as modern exhibition displays.


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Michael Pupinpupin

When Marconi grounded his transmitter and then grounded his receiver and let the spark go then the world had wireless telegraphy, and no one had ever done that before. If we must call our aerial waves by some name let us not call them Hertzian waves, but Marconi waves. They are his.


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