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In this section we offer an innovative approach to understanding the works of Marconi. The methodology behind the organization of the exhibits targets different typologies of visitors, but in its entirety it presents numerous instruments that can be used to analyze one of the most extraordinary changes at the origins of the modern world: the peaceful revolution of radio communications, or “wireless” as it was once called, of which Guglielmo Marconi was the brilliant initiator and pioneer.

You can repeat some of the young inventor’s experiments, run through highlights of his career, immerse yourself in the fascinating documents of the period, delve into the technical and historical knowledge of that extraordinary revolution, the development of which continued through the twentieth century and continues today in the beginning of the XXI century.


The most inspiring aspect of science is that it encourages man to persist in the realisation of his dreams. Science requires a flexible mind. You cannot interrogate the universe with a formula. You have to observe it, take what it gives up you and reflect with the help of science and reason. Science keeps you young.












Emile Girardeaugirardeau

Marconi believed in short waves before anyone else, before the experts, before the amateurs; and he never stopped dedicating himself to them even while others continued to pay no attention.



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