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A History of Telecommunications

October 23rd, 2009
Faculty of Engineering, Bologna


The Commission for the History of Engineering within the Deans Conference has decided to launch a series of workshops on the history of engineering, in order to produce a complete work on the history of technology in Italy.
The second workshop of such series, on the History of Telecommunications, was held in Bologna. The speakers, mainly engineers and historians, came from Italian universities and industries.
The different aspects of the History of Telecommunications in the last two centuries was taken into consideration: history of the ideas, birth and growth of the telecommunication industry, impact on university, economic and social aspects. 
A particular focus was given to the Marconi (1909-2009) and Meucci (1808-2008) celebrations.
  • Science and technique of communications at the end of the Nineteenth century (Ovidio Bucci, Adriano Paolo Morando, Giuseppe Pelosi)
  • Electric telegraphy, telex and fax machines (Stefano Maggi)
  • The origins of telephony and the Meucci story (Enrico Del Re, Leonardo Lucci, Giuseppe Pelosi)
  • Marconi scientist and entrepreneur (Gabriele Falciasecca)
  • History of the university branch of telecommunication (Aldo Roveri)
  • The role of research institutions (Francesco Fedi, Cesare Mossotto)
  • History of signal processing (Fabio Rocca)
  • Transmission: from the couple to the radio links and optic fibres (Giovanni Colombo, Silvano Pupolin)
  • Radio and television (Guido Vannucchi, Franco Visintin)
  • Industry research in communications (Salvatore Randi) 
  • Military communications (Raoul Maestrini)
  • Radar and radio aids (Gaspare Galati, Paolo Tiberio)
  • Space telecommunications (Guido Tartara)
  • Communication networks (Marco Ajmone Marsan)
  • Photonics in telecommunications (Giancarlo Prati) 
  • Telecommunication facilities (Roberto Scalmani)
  • Mobile communications and the role of operators (Gabriele Falciasecca, Decio Ongaro) 
  • Computer science and telecommunications and the role of microelectronics (Vito Svelto, Guido Vannucchi)
  • Social aspects of telecommunications (Giuseppe O. Longo) 
  • Museology of telecommunications (Giuseppe Pelosi, Antonio Savini)










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