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Postcards from Pontecchio

September 12th-20th, December 10th -13th 2009
Dehon Theatre, Bologna


Alessandro Fornari, Marco Marconi, Aldo Sassi, Sebastiano Spada, Federica Tabori, Andrea Zacheo

script and direction
Guido Ferrarini

A multimedia show largely based on the use of new technologies and with very special effects. Eleven visual pictures depicting Marconi’s stubbornness as inventor and his intelligence and intuition as a man. 
The show is not a biography, much more than that it wants to be the archetype of the never ending human desire to attain knowledge. The story starts a hundred years ago in a place between Livorno and Pontecchio, and ends with the famous gun shot. 
You will be moved by the humanity of Professor Rosa, Marconi’s first teacher, and by Nello Marchetti, a blind telegraphist who teaches him the use of the telegraph key. You will be smiling at the incredulous and stupefied looks of the attendant Marchi, who helps Marconi during his experiments, or at the groundless fears and silly disbelief and superstition of the Pontecchio peasants, who watch Marconi while he is handling odd and noisy equipments.
Still, you will be more than else suffering with this twenty years old boy, who is longing to prove that the pretentious theories of the great scientists are not always right, especially when compared with the intuition, strong will and intelligence of the gifted.
Finally you will be happy as he is, when from the distant valley comes the powerful and innovative echo of the famous gun shot. From that very moment onwards, communications will be available all over the world. 
All that happens under the cold and merciless eye of the computer and its virus.
















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