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The Marconi Museum can be visited only by guided tour. The visit lasts about an hour and a half / two hours.

The cost of the visit is 7 euro (for students 3 euro).

Altre tariffe e agevolazioni:
  • laboratorio: 60 euro (gruppi scolastici 1 euro a studente)
  • famiglie: 15 euro (2 adulti + max 3 ragazzi)
  • gruppi 20+: 5 euro a persona per gruppi organizzati che superano le 20 unità
Free admission for Card Musei Metropolitani Bologna owners, persone disabili, bambini in età prescolare, insegnanti accompagnatori.

Visiting hours:

  • working days: reservation required, guided tours in the morning or early afternoon, hours may be agreed on reservation;
  • Sundays: guided tours at 10am (reservation required for large groups).

School groups: the visit is recommended after the fifth year of primary school. They are provided for different levels of presentation and depth depending on the degree and school address.

Info:  +39 051846121  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In addition to the Marconi Museum and the Fondazione G. Marconi, Villa Griffone also houses a Radio Communication research centre where researchers from the University of Bologna and from the Ugo Bordoni Foundation have their offices. Partly for this reason Villa Griffone has neither refreshment areas nor facilities for visitors.

Buses with more than 30 people cannot enter Villa Griffone parking, another area at the bottom of the villa (Piazzale del Mausoleo, on the Strada Porrettana) is at their complete disposal.

Dogs and the like, even if on a leash, are not allowed in the Museum.


Getting to the museum

Villa Griffone is located in Pontecchio Marconi, about 15 km from Bologna, along SS 64 “Porrettana”. The closest motorway exit is Sasso Marconi nord (A1). A bus is also available (blue line, no. 92), which leaves the Bologna bus terminal every half hour.

Marconi Museum - Guglielmo Marconi Foundation - Villa Griffone - Via Celestini 1 - 40037 Pontecchio Marconi (Bologna)

Tel. 051846121 - Fax 051846951 - E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Michael Pupinpupin

When Marconi grounded his transmitter and then grounded his receiver and let the spark go then the world had wireless telegraphy, and no one had ever done that before. If we must call our aerial waves by some name let us not call them Hertzian waves, but Marconi waves. They are his.


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