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The Milanese Engineer Franco Soresini, an expert and enthusiast of the radio, telecommunications and information technology, in 1993 granted to the Marconi Foundation his vast collection of documents, that today still constitutes the heart of the documentary archive of the Foundation.

The Soresini collection includes a heterogeneous set of materials with important and original characteristics that are equally as heterogeneous. It is made up of manuscripts, rare photographs of the Marconi family and other more well known photographs of Marconi as an established public figure, stamps and postcards on various themes, medals and coins commemorating important events connected to Marconian inventions, miscellaneous documents (original and copies) taken from diverse sources that account for manifestos, writings, reports, studies and research, catalogs, etc. relevant to Marconi and other scientists (his predecessors) and, lastly, newspapers and magazines as well as clippings dedicated to Marconi.



















The Marconi Foundation received, at the beginning of 2008, an important donation by the Trumpy Family: a set of documents and photographs as well as historical apparatuses. All of this thanks to two significant figures that had close ties with Marconi and his company: Rodolfo Trumpy and Walter Trumpy, respectively grandfather and father of Ugo Trumpy, the executor of the donation.

Rodolfo Trumpy was in fact one of Marconi's collaborators, in charge of the technical realization of the wireless station in Coltano. His son Walter followed in his father's footsteps and pursued his career at the Marconi Factories in Genoa. Both father and son worked with competence and passion, values that they transmitted to their descendants who succeeded in preserving intact an important historical-scientific testimony. This patrimony is now of communal ownership thanks to their sensibility and generosity: the Guglielmo Marconi Foundation was thus able to enrich its own archive and Museum staying true to its mission to diffuse understanding of Marconi's work, of which an important part was the activity of gifted and enthusiastic collaborators.

The following has been acquired from Rodolfo Trumpy:

  • a Marconifono Juvenis;
  • a wireless Station for demonstrations;
  • a Radio receiver (medium wave short wave) that utilizes thermionic valves made by Rodolfo in the Marconi Factories in Genoa.

Patented micrometric knobs have been acquired from Walter Trumpy.

Maurizio Bigazzi has restored and put back into working order all of the donated equipment.

Giancarlo Dalle Donne has edited the fund's documentary inventory. pdf_button

The Marconi Foundation heartily thanks the Trumpy Family and in particular their friend Ugo.













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