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Wireless Communications

October 2nd to December 20th, 2009
Museum of Electrical Technology, Pavia 


The exhibition was dedicated to the revolution in wireless communication. It was show among others a valuable series of domestic radio receivers from the Twenties and Thirties, produced by Marconiphone and belonging to the Carlo Pria private collection.

Along with the exhibition there were conferences and events with qualified Italian and foreign experts. Practical demonstrations of radio transmissions were also performed directly from the museum. 

  • October 3rd - Barbara Valotti, Marconi Foundation, Bologna: “The Young Marconi” 
  • October 3rd - Anna Guagnini, University of Bologna: “From London to Stockholm” 
  • October 23rd - Sàndor Jeszensky, Electrotechnical Museum, Budapest: “From the experiments by Hertz to the invention of wireless telegraphy by Marconi” 
  • October 23rd - Brian Bowers, Science Museum, London: “Marconi in Britain” 
  • October 23rd - Friedrich Heilbronner, German Museum, Munich: “Marconi and the Germans" 
  • November 13th - Alessia Polemi et al., IET Italia: “Innovation Strategy with Radio Frequency Identification Systems” 
  • November 26th - Frederik Nebeker, IEEE History Center, New Jersey: “Wireless Telegraphy in Hollywood movies"
  • November 28th - Claudio Gatti, AIRE, Milan: “The radio as an object of collecting and restoration”

Organised by University of Pavia

Sponsored by Pavia Provincial Administration, Pavia City Hall, IEEE Italy Section, IET Italy, AEIT Federation
with the contribution of Pavia City Hall, Pavia Province Community Foundation, Selex Communications
in cooperation with National Committee for the Marconi Centenary, Italian Association of Antique Radios, Italian Radio Amateurs Association of Vigevano, Radio Campus of Pavia, Sappers and Telegraphists National Association of Milan.


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David Sarnoffsarnoff

Marconi was the creator of the present day civilization of the radio. All of those who, with spirit of initiative and perseverance, have brought us to the present stage of development have built on the foundations laid by Marconi. Everyone considered him the tutelary genius of their work.



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