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radiotelRadio Astronomy, which studies radio waves emitted by celestial objects, is the only field of research that can boast direct descent from the Bolognese inventor, through the person of Francesco Parescenotable astrophysicist and Guglielmo Marconi’s grandson.

It is indeed the exploration of the Universe that represents at the beginning of this new millennium, the last frontier of the Marconi Galaxy, the ultimate frontier, whose slow, partial but progressive discovery with radio waves produces a breathless sensation of astonishment and opens new and unusual perspectives on a future beyond our imagination. 


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entry Radioastronomia in the Treccani Encyclopedia



Marshall McLuhanmcluhan

Print tore man out of his traditional cultural matrix while showing him how to pile individual upon individual into a massive agglomeration of national and industrial power, and the typographic trance of the West has endured until today, when the electronic media are at last demesmerizing us. The Gutenberg Galaxy is being eclipsed by the constellation of Marconi.


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