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Marconi’s inheritance


Guglielmo Marconi’s invention of wireless telegraph in 1895, widened and improved by Marconi himself in 1901 with the first radio communication at long distance, gave birth to a real constellation.
Marconi himself followed the main developments of wireless up until the 1930s, but of course since the very beginning he had been surrounded by very good cooperators as well as very fierce rivals. That period saw the birth of the first emergency services by radio (for sea and air rescue operations) and of radio broadcasting (first via radio and later on via television). The use of radio control systems was definitely confirmed, as a direct development of wireless telegraphy experiments.
During the Second World War two radio applications, which had already been speculated by Marconi, were highly developed: radio systems and mobile radiotelephony at short distance. Thanks to wireless, in the second part of the Twentieth century it was possible to explore the universe with artificial satellites able to detect and transmit signals. On the whole, radio control became the strategic system par excellence.

About the end of the Twentieth century most part of what had resulted from a century of wireless experimentation burst into everyday life, particularly with the almost unlimited use of mobile telephones, but also with a series of equally widespread everyday equipments – gps and internet keys – which have allowed the 21st century man to be potentially connected to everybody.

The Marconi Galaxy project takes over and develops the namesake international research project, launched in 2009 by the Institute of Advanced Studies of Bologna’s University and by the Marconi Foundation, on the occasion of Guglielmo Marconi’s Nobel Prize centenary. (ISA Topic)

The frequent references made in this section to RAI and Treccani Encyclopedia are not casual: through his Company, Gugliemo Marconi was in fact the main promoter of the birth of Italy’s national broadcasting company, and was also the first president (from 1933 to 1937, year of his death) of the Institute of the Italian Encyclopedia founded by Giovanni Treccani. The encyclopedia is now, as it was in the past, internationally well known as an excellent tool for gathering, cataloguing and summarizing human knowledge, thus proving that Marconi’s inheritance is not only limited to the technical and scientific or entrepreneurial field but more widely regards the cultural sphere.


Marshall McLuhanmcluhan

Print tore man out of his traditional cultural matrix while showing him how to pile individual upon individual into a massive agglomeration of national and industrial power, and the typographic trance of the West has endured until today, when the electronic media are at last demesmerizing us. The Gutenberg Galaxy is being eclipsed by the constellation of Marconi.


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