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Demonstrative set of the human emission of microwave electromagnetic fields

According to Planck’s law a black body at absolute zero emits an electromagnetic radiation at a wide spectral radiance. This is also true for a human body at a temperature of around 37°. This set uses a satellite tv reception system to detect the microwave electromagnetic field resulting from one or more human bodies who happen to find themselves in the area of the reception antenna. The paraboloid receives the weak electromagnetic field emitted by the human body and concentrates it on the low noise block converter (LNB) which then amplifies and converts the received signal into a lower frequency. A detector draws the crest factor of the signal that, after being further amplified, is converted into a digital format in order to be subsequently sent to the PC that performs the visualization.


The pictures show the working set at Villa Griffone and a typical trend of the received emission that appears as soon as a person walks in the area of the paraboloid.


Interrelated Video: You are an antenna too (Multimedia area).







Paolo Fabbrifabbri

I'd like to say that we reread Marconi beginning with the future. Speaking of Mc Luhan, we reread the present in the past; speaking instead about real time of electronics, we reread the past beginning with the future. The correct interpretation is that the future, through the present, moves towards the past. This is a new concept for humanity.



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