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Cassoli Collection

Mario Cassoli from Carpi, a passionate collector of Marconian relics, in 1994 chose to donate to the Marconi Foundation the result of many years of patient and tenacious research. The scope of donating this “corpus”, up until then enshrined, was to consent a broader and more diffused understanding of Marconi's work.

As the Soresini collection, the Cassoli collection includes a heterogeneous set of materials (photographs, manuscripts, newspaper clippings etc). The cataloguing and filing of these sources has enriched the historical-biographical heritage relative to the figure of the Bolognese inventor.






















John A. Flemingfleming

Marconi had a large-scale vision and great faith in the future world of the radio since the first years of its invention. With that vision, he wielded an immense suggestive power infusing great enthusiasm in his collaborators, who not once doubted the ultimate success of their teacher.


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