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The award “Marconist of the XXIst Century” was instituted by the Guglielmo Marconi Foundation in 2005, one hundred and ten years after the first experiments conducted by Guglielmo Marconi at Villa Griffone, as a public expression of esteem to those personalities who, touched in someway by Guglielmo Marconi's work, have demonstrated throughout their career similar skills to those ascribable to the first Marconists. In particular: love of the radio and that which it represents as a means for understanding societies, the drive to work not only for oneself but to generate common benefits and – lastly – a “fondness”, employed in the broadest sense of the term, for the Marconi Foundation and its goals.

The award ceremony takes place each year during the Marconi Day, held on April 25th at Villa Griffone.


Recipients of the award:

2005  Guido Paolucci, Romano Volta

2006  Giulio Bargellini, Duccio Campagnoli

2007  Franco Soresini, Roberto Mugavero

2008  Peppino Ortoleva, Salvatore Improta

2009  Francesco Caio, Giovanni Manneschi, Marilena Fabbri, Francesco Cossiga

2010  Carlo Giacomo Someda, Paolo Tiberio, Bartolomeo De Gioia

2011  Mario Frullone, Lodovico Gualandi

2012  Valerio Zingarelli, Giuseppe Pelosi, Nerio Neri

2013  Stefano Ciccotti, Umberto De Julio, Francesco Cremona, Tania Bellanca Giusti

2014  Piero Cecchini, Leonardo Chiariglione

2015  Maurizio Bigazzi, Angela Malfitano, Gianluca Mazzini, Francesco Montanari

2016  Gianni Miraval, Dino Zanobetti

2017  Stefano Pileri, Giuseppe Calabrò

2018  Giovanni Pelagalli, Circolo Filatelico Guglielmo Marconi, Ernst Erb

2019  Michelangelo Pistoletto, Nicola Barone









The latest electromagnetic field prediction models in various propagation environments (urban, rural, indoor) are implemented in a set of software programs: the Italian national model (‘Modello Nazionale’) for long-distance propagation, 3-dimensional Ray-tracing for indoor coverage prediction and 2-dimensional Ray-tracing combined with the roof-top propagation model for urban environment prediction.

These programs are constantly updated, extended and adapted to specific applications. In particular, developments are currently in progress concerning ray-tracing modules, advanced statistical models and scattering models.

Developments of the Italian national model (‘Modello Nazionale’) so it can be extended to the third generation system, UMTS, are also presently being defined. Also the problems linked to data acquisition and relative processing for optimising use of prediction software are of great importance.




















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