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The Business Performance Prize

The Business Performance Prize, promoted by the town of Sasso Marconi (Department of Productive Activities) and the Guglielmo Marconi Foundation (in collaboration with the industry, crafts and trade associations) is awarded during the Radio Days in Sasso Marconi to the local productive activities that best interpret the Marconian vision of taking an idea from its conception and developing it into a business. The companies that have been recognized in the past are those which were best able to spread the Sasso Marconi name outside of the territory thanks to the research, development and application of their projects, products, creativity and patents.

2008 – Ristorante Marconi

2009 – Imball

2010 – Marpol Fr

2011 – Sismec (+ Radio Days Special Prize 2011 to Marco Pavignani of Plastica Marconi)

2012 – Techno GF


Motivation of the award 2012

A Techno GF, research activities and production of industrial automations for energetic savings and, particularly, in the sector of barriers that obstruct the sun light.

The products developed by Techno GF allow to optimize the exposition of sun light from old and new buildings, increasing interesting opportunities of costruction requalification.

The activity of start up of Sasso Marconi, born into the meeting of different local business experiences in the sector of automations, introduced in an area that is growing fast and in equal level whit the actual necessity of energetic and area safeguard. The strengthened know-how and the developing and researching work set up with the Bologna University introducing the Techno GF as an environment consultant for town planner and planning studies, helping the diffusion of paperwork in the residential costruction and productive activity. 












David Sarnoffsarnoff

Marconi was the creator of the present day civilization of the radio. All of those who, with spirit of initiative and perseverance, have brought us to the present stage of development have built on the foundations laid by Marconi. Everyone considered him the tutelary genius of their work.



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