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Repertoire of Events

Repertoire of Events

Marconi in La Spezia

“The researcher Guglielmo Marconi in La Spezia in 1897” is the title of a conference that will present Marconi’s original telegraphic tapes dating 17 July 1897. The tapes have been recently transcribed and interpreted.  
The conference will be followed by the presentation of the book “Viva la Regina”, written by the Admiral Inspector Giuseppe Celeste, related to Marconi’s activity in the Gulf of La Spezia.
Friday, 26 September, 4pm − 5.30pm
The Port Village
Morin Promenade - Corner Pier Italia - La Spezia
The conference is organized as part of "The European Night of Researchers", on whose occasion the Naval Museum of La Spezia (via G. Amendola n. 1 - La Spezia) opens the exhibition “CRYPTO - Parole (s)velate”, always on 26 September, from 3pm.











Deep grief at the Marconi Foundation

People who have visited the Marconi Museum at Villa Griffone since its foundation, might remember the brilliant and amusing explanations that Maurizio Bigazzi used to provide with competence and unique enthusiasm. Many equipments in the museum once belonged to his private collection, which was then given to the Foundation, and many others were acquired thanks to his interest. When Maurizio was speaking it was like listening to Guglielmo himself, so much was his talent in getting into the part.
Now Maurizio is no longer with us. A fast and devastating illness has torn him away from us in only a couple of months, leaving his group of friends and colleagues grieved and astonished. According to his family’s will, we are giving the sad news after his funeral. All the pieces exhibited in the museum will still talk about him, thus leaving us a legacy that we will try to carry on, with the aim of continuing what Maurizio did for the Foundation and for the memory of Guglielmo Marconi. In the next weeks we will communicate how we want to preserve his memory and do as much as possible to keep him with us.
Gabriele Falciasecca
President of the Guglielmo Marconi Foundation












Elettra back on air

A.R.I. Fidenza Radio Club (Italian Radio Amateur Association) is the promoter of a technical and cultural event to be held in Pontecchio Marconi, Bologna, on the 7th and 8th of June 2014.
The event aims to highlight internationally the historical value of "Elettra" yacht, which was the “mobile laboratory” of the great scientist Guglielmo Marconi, on board of which were carried out important experiments related to radio communications. The vessel was then forge of study to the best applications of Hertzian waves, allowing the continuous progress of radio communications.
In conjunction with the international contest "Museum Ships Weekend Event", radio amateurs of ARI Fidenza Club will activate a radio station nearby the portion of the yacht Elettra kept at the Museum of Villa Griffone in Pontecchio Marconi, to ideally revive his "voice" and allow the radio amateurs all over the world to contact her.
The ARI Fidenza Radio Staff will be on frequency from Elettra during the entire weekend.











Elettra restoration by Rotary

The portion of the yacht Elettra that is hosted in the park of Villa Griffone, has been recently restored thanks to the contribution of the Rotary Club Bologna Ovest "Guglielmo Marconi". The Club celebrates this year 50 years of its activity.
A brief ceremony is held during the afternoon of Saturday, 17 May, at Villa Griffone, to officialise the yacht restoration.












2008 Events

December 15th, Bologna, Oratorio San Filippo Neri: Progetto Marconi Galaxy weblink

December 3rd, Bologna, Oratorio San Filippo Neri: La scienza a Bologna

November 23rd, Pontecchio, Villa Griffone: La protezione dei lavoratori dall'esposizione ai campi elettromagnetici - misure e interventi

November 23rd, Museo Marconi-Rete 4: Magnifica Italia

October 29th, Pontecchio, Villa Griffone: Premio Meucci-Marconi

October 2nd, Bologna: Bologna Città Educativa - Un progetto per la città che cambia

September 18th-19th, Lisbona, Auditorium 2-Forum Picoas: Marconi - 100 years of History and Science weblink

June 12th, Sasso Marconi, Ca' Vecchia: Wireless, Wimax, Radio Digitale

June 11th, Pontecchio, Villa Griffone: Ultra Wide Band - teoria e applicazioni

June 7th-15th, Sasso Marconi: Radio Days

May 14th, Pontecchio, Villa Griffone: Dalle tecnologie alle applicazioni dei sistemi RFID

April 25th, Pontecchio, Villa Griffone: Marconi Day







2009 Events

December 19th, Arezzo, Museo dei Mezzi di Comunicazione: Marconi Nobel Prize Winner weblink

December 19th, Bologna, Palazzo d'Accursio, Cappella Farnese: Radio Ritmo weblink

December 18th, Osimo (Ancona), IPSIA M. Laeng: Marconi Nobel Prize first centenary weblink

December 15th, Bologna, Sala Borsa, Auditorium Biagi: Un Nobel senza fili weblink

December 12th, Bologna, Cinema Lumière: A Wireless Pioneer weblink

December 11th, Rome, Protomoteca del Campidoglio: Radio, Nobel Prize, and the 100 years that changed the world weblink

December 10th-January 10th (2010), Bologna, Palazzo d'Accursio: Guglielmo Marconi Nobel Prize Winner 1909-2009 pdf_button

December 10th-13th, Bologna, Teatro Dehon: Postcards from Pontecchio Marconi weblink

December 10th, Pontecchio, Mausoleo Marconi: Completion of the restoration works weblink

Dcember 4th, Stockholm, Tekniska Museet: A Wireless World weblink

December 3rd, Bruxelles, Espace Monte Paschi: Wireless, Telecommunication, Space weblink

November 23rd, London, The Institute of Physics: Our wireless world weblink

November 21st-29th, Pescara, Istituto G. Marconi: Marconi and Science weblink

November 14th-28th, Bologna, Palazzo d'Accursio: Marconi Art Prize weblink

November 13th-14th, San Fior e Codognè (Treviso): Radio e cultura di Marca weblink

November 10th, Monaco, Théâtre des Variétés: Once upon the time the radio weblink

November 9th, Rome, Biblioteca del Senato: The future challenges of Telecommunications weblink

November 9th, Stockholm, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences: International radio symposium weblink

November 7th-15th, Castel Maggiore, Teatro Biagi-D'Antona: Antique radio exhibition weblink

October 31st, Porretta Terme, Polo Scolastico: Following Guglielmo Marconi weblink

October 31st, Bologna, Arcoveggio Racecourse: Victory Cup weblink

October 24th, Bologna, Aula Absidale Santa Lucia: History Week weblink

October 23rd, Bologna, Faculty of Engineering: History of Telecommunications weblink

October 19th-20th, Toronto, Italian Cultural Institute: From Galileo to Poldhu and beyond weblink

October 10th: Giro dell'Emilia (bicycle race) weblink

October 8th-9th, Bologna, Auditorium Biagi-Oratorio San Filippo Neri: Marconi Symposium weblink

October 2nd-December 20th, Pavia, Museum of Electrical Technology: Wireless communications weblink

September 30th, Rome, New Fair: European Microwave Week weblink

September 28th, Bari, Politecnico Institute: From Poldhu to Voyager and Hubble weblink

September 26th, Venice, Giorgio Cini Foundation: Galileo's worlds weblink

September 25th, Bologna, Palazzo Gnudi: How Guglielmo Marconi and Technical Culture have changed the world weblink

September 24th-27th, Cattolica, Porto Canale: Sailing Regatta weblink

September 20th, Bologna, Museo Civico Medievale-Oratorio San Filippo Neri: Punto9 weblink

August 12th, Bologna, Archiginnasio: Guglielmo Marconi Legacy weblink

August 9th-Septemer 27th, Bologna-Pontecchio-Bologna: Marconi's Rays weblink

August 8th, 14th, Cortina: Cortina remembers Marconi weblink

July 17th-22nd, Bologna, Piazza Maggiore: Under the Movie Stars weblink

July 15th, Cork, Ireland, University College: PRIME 2009 weblink

July 10th-12th, Lugo di Romagna, Villa San Martino Airport: Open Fly Meeting weblink

June 23rd-July 30th, Bologna: Trambus Open weblink

June 16th, Bologna, Faculty of Engineering: Tesla, Marconi, and the Race to Develop Wireless Technology weblink

June 13th-28th, Sanremo, Villa Nobel: Marconi and the Radio weblink

June 7th-14th, Borgo Malanotte (Treviso): From Meucci to Marconi weblink

June 2nd, Montreux, Swiss Museum of Sound and Image: Italian Republic Day Reception weblink

May 23rd, Bologna/Rai Sport: Bologna Three Centenaries weblink

May 22nd-October 31st, Parma, House of Sound/House of Music: Marconi 100 years after the Nobel Prize weblink

May 20th, Zecca dello Stato: Commemorative coins weblink

May 18th-30th, Budapest, Catholic University Péter Pázmány: Italian Festival weblink

May 14th, Sasso Marconi, Ca' Vecchia: Next Generation Network pdf_button

May 9th-17th, Sasso Marconi: Radio Days pdf_button

April 27th-28th, Bologna, R. Accademia Filarmonica: Marconi Galaxy. Technology, Cultural Models, Mith-making weblink

April 25th, Pontecchio, Villa Griffone: Marconi Day weblink

April 22nd-24th, Bologna, Palazzo Re Enzo: The Guglielmo Marconi ICT Global Forum and Exhibition weblink

March 28th-April 13th, Candelo (Biella): A Nobel Teacher weblink

March 27th, Pontecchio, Villa Griffone: The Swedish Royal Family visits the Marconi Museum weblink

March 26th-29th, Bologna, Duse Theater: Radio Man weblink

March 18th, Bologna, Liceo Renzi: Francesco Paresce. A Lecture weblink

March 12th-22nd, Bologna, Palazzo Re Enzo: La Scienza in Piazza weblink

March 8th, Porretta Terme-Castelluccio: On Marconi's Tracks weblink

March 4th, Bologna, Residenza Studi Superiori: Weathering the process weblink

February 11th-18th, Rome, Museum of Musical Instruments: From the Telegraph to the Satellite. The Nobel Prize to Marconi weblink


2010 Events

October 2nd-17th, Bergamo Alta, ex Ateneo: From Marconi to cartoons weblink

October 2nd, Pontecchio, Villa Griffone: Marconi Day weblink

September 19th, Bologna, Museo Civico Medievale-Oratorio San Filippo Neri: Punto10 weblink

June 8th, Museo Marconi-Rai Radio 1: Radio anch'io weblink

May 20th, Sasso Marconi, Ca' Vecchia: Next Generation Network Conference pdf_button

May 15th-23rd, Sasso Marconi: Radio Days weblink

May 6th, Pontecchio, Villa Griffone: Long Distance Communication - School Kit pdf_button

April 25th, Pontecchio, Villa Griffone: Marconi Day weblink

April 15th-16th, Rome, Villa Sciarra: Communicating on the Marconian Age weblink

January 28th, Rome, Chamber of Deputies: Guglielmo Marconi entrepreneur weblink

January 25th, Sasso Marconi, Municipio: al sâs - Marconi Special weblink

January 19th, Rome, Hunting Club: Conference on Marconi weblink







2011 Events

December 3rd, Rieti, Varrone Auditorium: Brava Barbara weblink

October 22nd-November 1st, Genoa, Palazzo della Borsa: 150 years of Italian genius weblink

June 8th, Pontecchio; Villa Griffone: presentation of Luigi Solari's book Guglielmo Marconi pdf_button

May 19th, Sasso Marconi, Ca' Vecchia: The network of wireless communication from development opportunities to the digital divide pdf_button

May 14th-22nd, Sasso Marconi: Radio Days pdf_button

April 30th, Pontecchio, Villa Griffone: Marconi Day weblink

April 29th, Pontecchio, Villa Griffone: IEEE Milestones pdf_button

March 24th-26th, Bologna, Aula Prodi and Museo Civico Medievale: Communication Makes the Nation pdf_button

January 21st, Rome, National Research Council: Il colpo weblink









2012 Events

December 4th, Pontecchio, Villa Griffone: Quadrato della Radio Conference pdf_button

November 10th, Pontecchio, Villa Griffone: Soroptimist Conference pdf_button

November 7th, Bologna, University of Bologna - Rettorato: Catania-Meucci Fund donated to the Marconi Foundation pdf_button

October 12th, Pontecchio, Villa Griffone: International Festival of History weblink

October 2nd-5th, Rome, Centro Congressi Fontana di Trevi: Estel Conference weblink

August 17th, Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL), Hotel Serena: "Guglielmo Marconi e il Titanic: due storie che s'incontrano" pdf_button

August 10th-11th, Golfo Aranci (Olbia-Tempio): "Dalle onde del marre alle onde radio" pdf_button

June 6th-8th, Pontecchio, Villa Griffone: Training School on "Energy-aware RF Circuits and Systems Design" pdf_button

May 24th-27th, Sasso Marconi: Radio Days weblink

April 25th, Pontecchio, Villa Griffone: Marconi Day weblink

March 30th, Bologna, Sala Borsa: “At the mercy of the waves (radio): catastrophe in the media – Old and new media one hundred years after the Titanic” weblink

March 7th, Pontecchio, Villa Griffone: "Computer and electrical energy engineering: technology evolution and didactic proposal of the University of Bologna" pdf_button

January 27th-28th, Bologna, Palazzo Pepoli Vecchio: Museum of the History of Bologna weblink

January 19th, Bologna, Faculty of Engineering: History of Telecommunications weblink





2013 Events

December 12th, Milano, Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci: Voices of Science pdf_button

November 13th, Bologna, Accademia delle Scienze: Marconi's membership weblink

October 24th, Pontecchio, Villa Griffone: D’Annunzio and Technology. Conferences on Marconi, D’Annunzio and modernity pdf_button

September 29th-October 1st, Bologna/Zola Predosa, Unindustria/Palazzo Albergati: MIC Conference e Marconi Prize pdf_button weblink

June 1st-2nd, Pontecchio, Villa Griffone: Elettra back on air! pdf_button

May 23th-26th, Pontecchio: Radio Days weblink

April 28th, Cattolica (RN), La Lampara: Wireless and the Sea weblink

April 25th-28th, Ferrara, Parco Bassani: Vulandra weblink

April 25th, Pontecchio, Villa Griffone: Marconi Day weblink

April 16th-May 19th, Padoa, Ex Macello: Sperimentando weblink

April 13th, Arezzo, Museo dei Mezzi di Comunicazione: "Titanic wireless room" pdf_button

February 15th, Pontecchio, Villa Griffone: "L'Italia è mobile - Forum nazionale di aggiornamento sull'LTE" pdf_button








David Sarnoffsarnoff

Marconi was the creator of the present day civilization of the radio. All of those who, with spirit of initiative and perseverance, have brought us to the present stage of development have built on the foundations laid by Marconi. Everyone considered him the tutelary genius of their work.



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